As we wait on tenterhooks for the result of the EU vote, whichever way it goes it will always be vitally important for us all to work on an identity that will make us stand out. As an individual and a business.

the big why is key - reinforcing your identity through behaviours

Vision, purpose and values

In Chapter 2 of my book (PI Leadership), I look at how to create an identity that will differentiate you in the market.

Do you have a clear vision and purpose for your business that you can articulate?

Have you defined the values that will show a prospect, client or customer what their experience of working with you will be?

These are your foundation pieces for your identity and brand. They’re what will both define, and resonate with, your target market.

As a quick recap. Your vision is where you are looking to go as a company. Your purpose is the big “WHY” you exist. Your values are 5-7 words or statements that describe your culture and principles.

Bringing your identity to life

The problem many people and businesses face, is that they do the work on these, they are published on the website and in collateral, but they are not a living breathing part of everyday behaviour. Can you relate to that?

There are a couple of key actions that will support this:

  • To recognise and reward behaviour that displays this identity
  • But also to actually define the behaviours in the first place

What are the behaviours you want to see?

As a business owner, leader or employee you will need clarity on the very behaviours that reinforce your identity.

I have been working with a number of clients on this recently. They have the purpose, vision and values defined but people aren’t clear on the level beneath this. How should they behave?

Therefore, take the time to clarify the various behaviours that will show you are living and breathing the identity you have defined. What would you expect people outside your business or organisation to see if this is happening?

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