I hope you are having a good week and pushing forwards with decisions and actions.

Or maybe you feel stuck in some areas? Chewing over something continuously and procrastinating a little?

I have a great exercise that will move you out of this place.

But first a bit of background…..

A brain in your heart and gut

Did you know you have a neurological system in your heart (Cardiac Brain) of up to 120,00 neurons?

Did you also know you have a bigger neurological system in your gut (Enteric Brain) of up to 500 million neurons?

Neural science now says what ancient wisdom always knew.

You probably use expressions like “My gut instinct” “My heart is not in that decision”. Well it is with good reason!

Moving out of procrastination

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get too hung up on logically working through all the pros and cons of making a decision and can get stuck.

I therefore recently started something new. I sit with a sheet of paper, write down the areas I need to make a decision and I make decisions quickly!

Here is an exercise for you to try:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and write down all the areas of your life and business that are causing you to be unsettled, where you feel you need to reach a decision but are currently procrastinating.
  2. Go through all of them without thinking logically and just focus on what a) your instinct is telling you and b) what your heart or emotions are telling you.
  3. Then make decisions quickly without getting drawn into the logic. There is a risk in taking a decision. But there is a risk in taking no decision.
  4. Create an action plan from the list and commit to acting on this. If you find that you have made a mistake subsequently, change direction (possibly by applying this process with the learning and feedback you have).

thinking with your heart and gut


This is something to use to help you in areas you have been stuck for a while. I hope you find it useful.

Gaining clarity and getting things moving

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