Which one of your 2 selves will win in 2018? Potential Self vs Destructive Self

You may have heard me talk before about the internal battle we all face on a daily basis. The battle between our Potential Self and our Destructive Self.

We allegedly have over 50,000 automatic thoughts a day and over 80% of them are negative. They emanate from what I call our Destructive Self. All of us are engaged in an inner dialogue from moment to moment that is very often not helpful.

Think. See. Do.

Examining our thinking is the first stage of my concept “Think. See. Do.

Many people I come across feel they are too busy to stop and spend time on this, but we all need time to first THINK and then examine how we SEE things. We all need to focus on how we THINK and SEE before DOING.

THINK – Our inner battle

As I said at the start, our thinking is a continual battle between our “Potential Self” and “Destructive Self”.

The potential self is the person of incredible potential we are at birth. It gives us our ability to dream and achieve big.

But over time our Destructive Self builds. From our interaction with our parents, family, school friends, teachers, life experience, the media. It is the negative voice in our head. The voice that holds us back because we are not good enough, we will look a fool, we are not as good as others.

Potential Self

In simple terms, we all need to look at how we think and ways we can empower our Potential Self.

Finding quiet from the daily noise is key to this. This will allow us to tap into our inner wisdom and creativity that are at the heart of us.

Take time out in a different environment with no preset agenda. Have time with a mentor or mastermind group. Meditate more. Trust your intuition and gut instinct more. Make decisions that feel right in your heart.

Destructive Self

We also need to reduce the impact of our Destructive Self on our thinking.

To look at limiting the impact of our unhelpful thinking and negative inner dialogue.

Keep a close eye and correct the doubtful and negative language you use about yourself.  Challenge your limiting self beliefs.  Continually work on areas that are the cause of our own personal mutiny!
Much of my work as a leadership coach, trainer and speaker is about helping leaders to ignore or quieten the impact of the Destructive Self, and increase the influence of the Potential Self. It has been my own journey too. We all face this. It is the key to our success and fulfilment.

I am committed to ensure that my Potential Self is the stronger influence in 2018. I want to help as many people as possible do this too.

To be able to do this, we need to focus less on “Doing” and take time out to examine how we “Think” and how we “See” things. Action is important, but it needs to come from the right place.

If you need help with your own self leadership, feel free to call me on 07912 143040 or email at tony@theleadershiptrainingworkshop.com and we can discuss how I can help you in any way.