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Leadership Insights Interview – Simon Gray

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series is Simon Gray and we covered many areas, including the need for habits and a rigid structure to Simon’s daily routine. This includes lunchtime Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! I have known Simon for almost 10 years now and he is always fascinating company, from his days [...]

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Think. See. Do. – A Positive Mindset for 2019

How are you going to be the best you can be in 2019? For me this is predominantly focused on your mindset. This critically is about how you 'Think' and how you 'See' yourself, others and your world. Unless you keep a strong focus on this to keep your mindset strong and positive, 2019 [...]

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Leadership Insights Interview – Gary Gorman

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was Gary Gorman and we covered a number of fascinating areas including the need for balance between extroversion and introversion, and insights into the mind of a good sales person. I have known Gary for almost 10 years now and he is a very open, interesting and [...]

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Think. See. Do. – The Power of Language

How mindful are you of the words you use? Both within your internal dialogue and the way you communicate with others? In 1967, Albert Mehrabian conducted a very specific communication study that has since been widely over generalised for more than 40 years. This has generated the myth that only 7% of our communication is [...]

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Developing your Growth Mindset as a Leader

Do you feel like you are being continually tested and have a need to prove yourself all the time? Do you feel like you are not always as good as you want to be? If so, it could be that you are operating from a 'fixed' mindset. In this article I want to help you [...]

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