Think. See. Do.

Think. See. Do. – Psychology in Leadership – Part 1

We continue to experience very challenging times across the globe and no doubt the stresses of business are higher than ever during the pandemic. Despite the global challenges, I hope you feel you are growing, both personally and professionally. But it may well be that Psychology can offer you some new ways of approaching [...]

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How Optimism Can Increase Success & Fulfilment

How are you finding life and work in 2021 so far? Despite the global challenges, I hope you feel you are making progress, both personally and professionally. In my last podcast and blog I looked at the importance of developing a mindset to get the best out of 2021 (which you can find here). [...]

2021-02-09T17:05:01+00:00February 11th, 2021|

Developing A Mindset To Serve You In 2021

Firstly I would like to wish you a happy and positive new year! I hope you had a relaxing festive break, after what was a challenging 2020 for us all. In my last podcast and article in December I looked at how to prepare and plan for 2021. We now need to execute and keep on [...]

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Ego, Impostor Syndrome & The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

I’m certain that you have your challenges with one or more of these areas at points in your life and work.  They all emanate from the survival part of our psychology. The primal part of our brain & the amygdala (the emotional centre) often overrides our more developed frontal cortex (responsible for problem solving [...]

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